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Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), Department of Hydrodynamic Systems

Team members:

Paál György (Phd, DSc)-

Benjamin Csippa-

Richárd Wéber (PhD)-

Dániel Gyürki-

Márton Németh–

Levente Sándor-

Péter Friedrichh-

The Department of Hydronamic systems of the University of technology and Economics was founded by Donát Bánki in 1899 and named the Department of Hydraulic and Hydro Machines. Its first professor was Donát Bánki, whose name became famous for the theoretical development of his own turbine, among other inventions. After several name changes and chairs, it was renamed the Department of Hydrodynamics Systems and has been led by Prof. György Paál since 2008. The main research areas of today are hemodynamics, non-linear dynamics in flows, stability problems, and water network computations.