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CERENOVUS (Neuravi Ltd.)

CERENOVUS (Neuravi Ltd)

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Neuravi Ltd is an affiliate within the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies. Neuravi is committed to advancing the treatment of stroke through the design of devices for the treatment of stroke, predominantly focussing on acute ischemic stroke. It is also involved in interdisciplinary collaboration and investment in stroke pathology and stroke model research. One of the main approaches employed to develop new devices is through extensive research into stroke-causing thrombi and the vascular environment of occlusions that cause stroke. Neuravi offices in Galway have extensive research and design capabilities for medical devices including 3-D Computer Aided Drawing packages, material test/characterization capabilities, and accurate anatomical models of the cerebral vasculature used for bench top in vitro testing. Neuravi has also equipment for replicating in-vivo blood flow conditions within the models, as well as equipment and expertise used to produce thrombus analogues.