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Within the UPF, PhySense is an officially recognised research group of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies. Additionally, since September 2016, the group is also one of the founding members of the BCN-MedTech unit (, a new Research Unit at UPF with the goal of being a platform for interdisciplinary and translational biomedical engineering research, with a strong focus on linking technological and theoretical science with physiological and clinical knowledge in internationally oriented excellent research. BCN-MedTech is now consolidated as a research center able to conduct research at a level of international excellence while proposing and developing biomedical applications and new demonstrative prototypes of direct interest to the industry and that will be applied in clinical routine. It holds more than 200 I+D projects, 95 external collaborations, 1000 high-impact publications, 19 patents and 61 PhD Thesis, and it is in the process to get the TECNIO certification from the Catalan Government (see projects 6 and 14 in section E), given to research centers with proven record of technology transfer. The added value of Physense is that the combination of these areas and the interdisciplinary projects, involving each time several of the areas, provide a fertile basis for novel biomedical engineering applications. In each of the funded or doctoral projects, several of the staff researchers, with distinctly different, but very complementary backgrounds, are involved