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During the first GEMINI live meeting, we asked three experts of the project to make short explainer videos on GEMINI and what the results may mean for the clinical future.

First, Prof Alfons Hoekstra, professor of Computational Science & Engineering from the University of Amsterdam explains in this video what a Digitial Twin in Health is and what kind of DTHs will be delivered in GEMINI.

Then Charles Majoie, Professor of Neuroradiology of the Amsterdam UMC discusses the current status of treatment of patients with acute ischemic stroke and explains how the use of DT in Health contribute to care of patients with acute ischemic stroke in this video.

And last but not least, Prof. Philippe Bijlenga, Neurosurgeon in the Geneva University Hospital explains the issues when managing aneurysm or SAH (Sub Arachnoid Haemorrhage) that could benefit from DTH in this video.

Together, they explain clearly why a project like GEMINI is so important and why you should all stay tuned to the results!

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